Labyrinth Wisdom News

Labyrinth Wisdom News

Labyrinth Wisdom News

Labyrinth Wisdom Cards are now available - Purchase here


Just back from the labyrinth Society Labyrinth Gathering in Hudson, Wiscomsin, USA, where the Labyrinth Wisdom Cards were well received.  Some of the comments were:

"The cards are fabulous" - Janice

"I have been doing readings for years and recently received these Labyrinth cards - they have such a wonderful energy and the art work is stunning - Helena" Love your cards, Tony!" - Lisa

"Using the cards!!! Always fun to see how they fit the moment!!! THANKS!" - Lilla

"Like your cards a lot" - John

"I got the Labyrinth cards, they are absolutely beautiful" - Trish

"I was blessed to have the opportunity to buy Tony's Labyrinth Wisdom cards at the TLS Gathering. They are beautiful and inspired." - Kay

"I also got this deck and loved listening to Tony describe the creative process that lead him through the birthing of these incredibly beautiful cards." - Diane