Labyrinth Wisdom Cards

Labyrinth Wisdom Cards

Labyrinth Wisdom Cards

The labyrinth is an ancient symbol of wholeness; and the path of the labyrinth represents our journey in life. Labyrinths help us feel centered and balanced, and gain insights into our lives.

This deck of labyrinth wisdom cards highlights the symbolism embedded in the labyrinth, and assists you in accessing your inner wisdom. These labyrinth wisdom cards will guide you to finding answers to questions, advice in difficult situations, and encouragement on your path in life.

The accompanying handbook contains information about labyrinths, tells you how to use these cards, and provides additional information on the particular aspects of each wisdom card

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Labyrinth Wisdom Cards is a deck of 48 guidance and inspirational cards based on the symbolism in the labyrinth that reflects aspects of your journey in life.

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Labyrinth Wisdom Card Reading

This is a one-to-one, 30 minute, personal interpretation of the Labyrinth Wisdom Cards chosen over  a video call with Tony Christie, creator of the Labyrinth Wisdom Cards




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